Installation Instructions

Follow the below steps to install and use the Cell Phone Recon software.

  1. On the mobile phone you wish to install the Cell Phone Recon, open the internet browser and type in the following URL
  2. You will be prompted to download the Photoviewer application. Tick the box to set application permissions, then select download. You will see a list of options to allow/deny permissions, change all permissions to 'allow'.
  3. Once the application has been downloaded, you will need to reboot. Switch off the handset then turn it back on. The handset is now ready to be monitored.
  4. On your computer, visit and click 'Create New Customer' to create a new login account. Keep your username and password safe, as you will need these to login.

    When creating the account, you will need to enter the IMEI of the handset to be monitored. The IMEI can usually be found beneath the handset's battery compartment, or by typing *#06# into your mobile. The IMEI will then be displayed on the phone's screen.

    Enter the Key Code supplied with the Cell Phone Recon to complete the account activation
  5. To use the admin section and monitor the selected handset, log on to the Cell Phone Recon site with you username and password.

It will take approximately 10-15 minutes for the mobile phone activity information to be uploaded to the site.

Download Installation Instructions